Jack & Jill(and Ben)/WPC


means lasting or staying only a short time

A real treat to these boys is getting to roll down the hill. These moments make a heart full.

Sharing with you this week a fleeting moment in the life of a childcare provider.



Tiny Stitches/WPC


This crochet needle is for thread work. Tiny stitches make for pretty lace.


For the Weekly Photo Challenge, I decided to go with the current project. It was finished Sunday evening on a special request order. It’s for an 18-month old little girl who I feel would also fit in the tiny category. I’m happy to say the customer was very pleased!


Think I’ll make another!

Pass It On/Sunday Sampler

Yesterday was Green Ridge Park Day. Annually held, this event brings out local crafters to assemble their booths and wares along the edges of the city park. To put this in perspective, Green Ridge has a population of 476 according to the 2015 Census. But the folks here turn out to support the volunteer fire department, public school that serves grades K thru 12, and other local groups with silent auctions, ticket raffles, grilled burgers and hot dogs and plenty of fun and games for all ages. A real family event.

This morning, I’m sharing with you a few items that sold from my Etsy store listings.

But before I do that, I want to tell you about the fair number of little girls who were interested in crochet, sewing, and beading for jewelry. I must take this moment to stress to readers in all walks of life the importance of passing on these traditions of creating handmade items.

Pass. It. On.


Sunday Sampler

Still Waiting/WPC

Cherry On Top

We have waited patiently. Watering. Watching. Hanging Around.


This shot was on Thursday morning.


There will be such excitement come Monday morning 🙂 The children’s flowers have finally bloomed!

File_000 (41)

But the Behemoth awaits. It is well over 11 feet tall today. No bloom. Praying it doesn’t reach the power lines and get zapped! 😬

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Storm of Separation


Such total despair can happen when you’re one.

Poor guy just couldn’t cope when my daughter removed him from harm’s way. The storm was powerful but short-lived.

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Do you remember your earliest childhood friend? Mine was Charlene. She was my babysitter’s only child and we were as close to siblings as she would ever have. We had tea parties with playdoh French fries, Barbie doll and paper doll afternoons when the ‘little kids’ were napping, listening to ‘The Monkeys’ on her record player, swimming in the kiddie pool for hours, waiting for Patsy to bring us popsicles and sitting around watching “Dark Shadows” before it was time for my mom to pick me up.

This photo was taken a couple days ago and brought back a waterfall of memories of my early years phase. I hope you lend some precious memories to the little ones in your life. Thankful for mine.



In your response, depict something or someone you admire. Bonus points if you share a paragraph or two on the source of your admiration.

So I’m taking this challenge and twisting it a bit. I sometimes feel admiration from the children and their families in my occupation as a child care provider. I get to stay home and hold babies and play all day.


Other times I can see it with their gifts and tokens of appreciation.

Teacher appreciation day

Yesterday was Teacher Appreciation Day and I received a little plant from Macoy. He’s the baby in first picture.

The best party of the day was when I heard it in Macoy’s words,IMG_3992Macoy

“Stephie, someday I’m bringing my baby to you!”

Can you hear my heart melting?