Rolling in the Deep/WPC



I stepped out the back door and caught this eye-catching shot of clouds at sunset last week. It looked like the clouds were rolling out of a cavity.


And for some unusual reason, rotating the picture gives them an even more dramatic rolling appearance.

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Down Time/WPC

A Good Match


Needle and Thread


Banjo and Case

Just a couple good matches for me. Crochet and some finger pickin’ on The Gibson.

Save Your Fingers/Sunday Sampler

Sunday Sampler

I opened my FaceBook messenger one morning to see a picture and a little request for the item below.


But I don’t think it was in the right color. So still creating some. Unfortunately they are in a pile next to the sewing machine. Time has not been a friend the last couple weeks. But I did a test run on the one above as you can see and it passed my scrutiny as well as the family’s. I even created a little ‘love’ for my grad student daughter.


As time permits, more will be made. Until then I’ll leave you with a little list of uses for this newfound creation.


Have a wonderful Sunday!!

It Ain’t Pretty/WPC


Somehow I manage to make this space work.


Probably good thing it’s hid away in the basement.

Note: Do Not call the makeover police. I’m perfectly content in my organized chaos.

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Local Boulevard/WPC


This week’s photo challenge had to wait for Monday evening. It began predictably with attending the first performance of the Sedalia Symphony. And my youngest daughter is our main reason for attending. They say honesty is the best policy.


The 82nd season of the Sedalia Symphony.

Their song choices this time were right up my daughter’s alley. One song medley included “Oh,Susanna” & “Shenandoah” among others. You see, we play some bluegrass in our home and she was quick to inform me at their first practice that she had no trouble with the timing of the pieces 😉 You are welcome daughter dear.


There she is poppin’ in behind us for a photo thanks to Grandma Nancy’s help.

The star act was no surprise. Leroy VanDyke is Sedalia’s very own and as you’d expect, there was a very good turnout to hear him. Everyone knows he’ll meet you afterwards and sign stuff and talk to you. Very nice guy and so is his band. All Missouri natives. One is his youngest son.


But the surprise came when the mayor announced that our city has named a portion of U.S Highway 50 after Mr.VanDyke. He also was honored by the State of Missouri’s General Assembly. Read that here.

Sedalia and Pettis County is certainly proud of this legend of country music!

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A Little Sunshine/Sunday Sampler

Sunday Sampler

I just survivied 2 days of utter flu misery. Getting  vertical was out of the question. I’d sit, lay down, walk to any room in the house to just find a place to sit or lie down. Body aches of mass proportion. Le yuck!

So sitting and being idle after chasing children most weekdays is just plain hard to get accustomed to. I may never retire. Sigh!

So while the body healed, the mind wandered and I decided to take the plunge into creating a crochet pattern.


This is the finished product. A Crochet Sunflower Knob Bob. Ties onto pot handles to keep your fingers from getting burned, saves time by allowing you to check what’s brewing, and adds convenience of not misplacing your pot holder. And it’s pretty to boot!

Will I make another??

I only hope it’s not because I have the flu next time.

To get your copy of the pattern, check out this link.



A Tour de Rental/ Thursday Doors


A couple weeks ago, a neighbor was feeling generous enough to let my daughter and I  walk through this door and peek inside his rental property. He has been upgrading this home for over a year now. Taking one room at a time as you get the time and money is one way to save yourself the cost of contractors. And a way to make sure it’s done right. I was given the OK to take some pictures of what he has done with the place.



Once inside the front door. 


Some lucky renter will have a clean slate to work with. 

All the homes on our street are ‘cookie cutter’ types built in the early 1950’s.They arrived on the rails behind my home (the Katy Trail) and were dropped off to be assembled. They were built to house Boeing employees and enlisted men who were building missiles and installing them in the silos. Whiteman Air Force Base about 20 miles away, was their base of operations. Amenities in these homes included one car garage, one bath and 3 bedrooms with an eat-in kitchen and a living room. No basements unless you were one of the officers and you lived a couple streets over. Many years later, most have at least done away with the asbestos siding and changed these homes to suite their more modern lives.

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Katy Depot/ Thursday Doors

Thursday Doors

Taking you down our Katy Trail this Thursday to the Katy Depot. Opened on May 10, 1896, it has stood the test of time. If you’d like to read more about it, check out


According to records, the last passenger train left the depot in 1958.


Lots of events and cool stuff to be found here if you’re ever in the area.


The Katy Depot of my childhood was in terrible shape. Flooded basement, broken windows, holes in the roof throughout and boarded up. A sad state of affairs that I wish I had a photo of to show you. Or maybe it’s good I don’t. If someone had told me back then that as an adult I’d be entering these doors for an event dressed in period clothing of 1900 performing my banjo, I would have never believed it.  A bit surreal but it made some great memories.

The fully-renovated Katy Depot brings back its old glory days.Today, Sedalian’s have a great source of pride that it is being utilized in so many ways that include preserving a bit of our history.

Captured as in a Mirror/WPC



Caught in thoughtful reflection was this moment of my daughter reading a description of this piece entered into the Missouri State Fair exhibits. I love seeing her in such concentrated interest. Here’s what captured her so.


After she read it she asked me, “Mom did you See that? Can you Imagine having to display your sewing abilities to Marry?!” This brought on some thought-provoking discussion of the times they lived in compared to ours.


None of the photos do the piece any justice, but you can see why we were spellbound and in awe of the delicate beauty displayed in this woman’s needlework of 1841.

Elusive Orange Organism


Gardening sometimes lends surprises, even to veteran gardeners. We  rotate, fertilize, weed, use organic bug and fungus deterrents. We weed, water appropriately, watch for evidence of wildlife invasions and pray for a good year.


Here we have a dainty lil pumpkin plant that is currently yielding maybe 2 pumpkins, not visible in this photo at the current time. It’s only July though, right?


In contrast, this is our composting area. There is a corral under there and our extra fence, posts, planters and what-have-you. This is another pumpkin plant and was a volunteer. The mother-in-law tossed her old pumpkin there last fall and now we have this spralled-out monster with 16-inch leaves and what appears to be only flowers.


And they really are beautiful flowers.


But if you dig around, there are basketball-sized pumpkins in this great abyss. Gonna get my goat-roper boots out and pull some of these elusive beauties this evening. Can’t wait!!!