The Color is Determined/A to Z 2017 Theme Reveal


Just a short post today.I’m diving in once again with my fellow A to Z Patriots. Beginning Saturday, April 1st (no foolin’ here), I’ll have a post a day (except Sundays) for the entire month of April. I am going with another “Handmade” blog theme. This year I’m calling it, “Quilts and Quotes”. I’m creating a quilt block for each letter of the alphabet and adding a positive quote, saying or tidbit for each day as well.

Sorry, no pics until the Challenge has begun. I hope you’ll check back each day to see how the quilt-making evolves.

Til the ‘day of submergence’, I will keep up with my normal style, including Thursday Doors with the well-respected Norm 2.o and friends.

 Happy Monday Everyone!



The Missouri State Fair begins tomorrow and it’s only a hop and skip for me down the Katy Trail from home. There’s a chance I’ll go. Maybe.

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Weather and sunsets can be pretty inviting, along with cotton candy and corn dogs.

Then there’s those quilts.

It’s still up in the air…….

Part 2- Years Bound Together

Sunday Sampler

I’m pleased to present Part 2 of the ‘Years Bound Together‘ project completed by my eldest daughter and myself last Sunday.

We decided on a layout.

The Layout

sorry for being redundant.

Before the clipThis gives you a view of the way the blocks are sewn together.

  • You need 2 equal-sized blocks, 1 front and 1 back. Our back blocks are 100% cotton.
  • It’s important to place each block set with wrong sides together.
  • While sewing, the back sides will be facing right sides together.
  • You’ll have 4 layers of blocks.
  • This results in the seam exposed to the front.
  • This seam is to be clipped carefully. Don’t clip past the stitch or you may have issues after washing.
  • If you do clip past the stitching, go back before washing and give it a little reinforcement with a zig zag stitch or two. No one will see this 🙂finished rag quilt


We used some of the odd sizes for the top and bottom border. Some of these border pieces are from polo shirts that were details about past offices held. You could easily use any decorative or plain piece of a t-shirt that would give you a border. Be creative!

front back view rag quilt

Playing around with color editing really brings out the chevron design of the backing. It is Shiny 🙂  Even after washing.

Quote that seems to go with this project: 
Memories are the architecture of our identity. (Author Unknown)

Hope your Father’s Day 2016 is filled with beautiful memories!

Years Bound Together

Sunday Sampler

  • When your family requests to sew something, you listen.
  • You pull all the stops.
  • You set aside some time.

So is the case this afternoon. While I’m typing, my eldest is fussy-cutting some old t-shirts into blocks for a t-shirt quilt.

Tshirt quilt1

We chose 11 inch diameters and that is not your usual choice. However, 11 is significant to us and so this will make the quilt that much more meaningful for years to come. So 11 it is.

File_000 (22)

We’ve even marked the ruler with some masking tape for quicker reference. I recommend this for first time quilters.

Here’s the chevron backing fabric. We’re making this into a rag style t-shirt quilt.

Easy Peasy

File_000 (23)

Directional cutting of the chevron fabric squares was left up to me.

More details next Sunday on the completed project.


Yearning/ Letter Y

Yearning for more time to be creative?

I have a small list of ideas:

  • Have Projects ready to go and ask your significant other to drive (if you don’t suffer from carsickness)
  • They make these File_000 (21)for night reading. I use while hubby is driving (not to be used to blind other passengers. Point it Down.
  • There are also lighted crochet hooks but they blind Me. I’ve got mine in some project bag around here or I’d prove it. 🙂
  • Phone calls? Put it on speaker phone (get permission 1st)
  • Multi-task:Watch tv with needles in hand.
  • Computer slow? (mine is in dinosaur mode) Keep your project at the ready.
  • When baby is asleep, do your catching up. Laundry won’t go anywhere, trust me.
  • For you who have regular coffee breaks at work, remember it’s coffee, sugar, cream & needles.
  • Long Dr. wait? Or hair being processed? Yep. You get the idea.
  • Try giving yourself some motivation to completing a project. Treats and rewards are permitted.
  • Make a checklist. Use that storage on your cell phone for your memory. Not just the calendar section.
  • And my personal favorite: You can teach children your craft on those long, lazy summer afternoons. Sit them beside you and work (Pursue your indulgence) away.

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Table Talk/ Letter T

Just finished a table runner with some pastels. Went with the baby blue for the binding and machine quilted by stitch in the ditch fashion. Perfect for an outdoor spring setting or even a lap warmer for chilly evenings.

Some past runners


and a crocheted one…


All this has me wondering how many still have dinner at the table these days? Do you most of the time or just on special occasions? Or only at restaurants? Would a ‘dressed-up’ table be more inviting to your everyday meals?

Growing up we always ate at the table and so has my own family. I highly recommend dinner together. I’m proud to say that when my grown children are home at lunch during the daycare mealtime, they grab a plate, sit with us at the table and converse. No cell phones. Just plugged-in to our voices. And the little ones take notice, believe me. Of course, Mom’s cookin’ might have a little to do with it.

Quilt Names/ Letter Q


A page excerpt from the journal dated July 2002.

File_003 (2)cropped

I let my daughter name this one as it tells in the entry.

Quilts are known usually by their quilt blocks used. Since this one used all hand-cut appliques created by myself, I chose to give its entire composition the name. I have a similar one hanging in my bedroom above my bed in navy and white. IMG_4851a (2)

Made for a full/queen sized bed.

Hand quilted and hand appliqued.


Signature not the neatest looking on this printed Chantilly lace-type yellow backing. I love yellow. The name chosen by who knows because I didn’t document this one. Until now. 😉

The 3rd applique quilt, also undocumented & the last in the applique trilogy.  I will only post a picture for you. Keeping with the A to Z quick-reading plan.quilt3

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I Try to Live a Pieceful Life/Letter P


For today’s post, just sharing a sampling of some pieced blocks I’ve acquired.

These were some of my youngest daughter’s first quilt blocks. She saved them in a little sewing box and when music became her new love,

File_000 (19)

Last night’s final performance for the 81st season of the Sedalia Symphony. My baby girl plays the violin 🙂

she gave them to me. I have a little secret plan for them 😉IMG_4818a.jpg


These were experiments. Top one from watching a PBS show. It’s a bit wonky (quilter term). The bottom is from an online free pattern. A star of sorts, the web address is probably gone by now. This was before Windows came out. I’m old.


I’d enter these into ugliest quilt blocks category. They need to be made into a potholder? Maybe dismantled.

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A Valentine Sunday Sampler

This year, my hubster gave me the gift of Time. File_002

I spent my time blissfully machine quilting.

I really do watch those safety pins when the sewing starts just for the record.


The larger view. The filling for the sashing is yet to be determined. I’ll keep you informed.

Hope you all had a fabulous Valentine’s Day.



Life and Heartbreak on Stephanie’s Stuff

My other blog post is a little personal as well as a celebration of life. Hope you’ll take a minute to check it out and say some prayers as well. Very much appreciated.